Custom backpacks should not only be functional, but should also match your personal style statement. That is what we help you to accomplish with this range of custom back packs. This range includes a wide array of wholesale backpacks, ranging from Byron backpacks, casual sling, chicane backpack to acacia backpacks among many others. These are made from highly durable materials guaranteed to last even the toughest of usage. In addition to that, with the option of getting print or embroidered backpacks, you will get one that suits every specification of yours in the best possible manner. For any other queries or requirements, just email or call us today!


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Kodiak Backpack


Affordable backpack which is manufactured from a combination of on-trend heather style 300D polyester and 600D polyester. It has a zippered main closure and adjustable padded shoulder straps. Other features include an internal slip pocket for a laptop, a zippered front pocket and a woven carry handle.

From $15.00

Lithium Laptop Backpack


Slip pocket under front flap contains hidden pocket, Air mesh padded back and straps, Webbing zip pullers, Business card holder on back, Side pockets with Velcro closures Fits 15" laptop, Double zippered main compartment contains padded laptop sleeve with

From $29.60

Lithium Laptop Satchel


Double zippered, padded main compartment contains slip pockets, basic organiser and padded laptop sleeve secured with Velcro tab, Fits 15" laptop, Side zippered mobile phone and card holder pocket, Elasticated top mesh side pocket, Jacquard nylon/840D pol

From $27.92

Loudmouth Cooler Backpack


420D/ripstop/600D fabric.Double zippered top storage section.Grey PVC lined cooler base section.Padded back and straps.Business card holder on back.

From $17.11

Matrix Backsack


210D polyester.Drawstring closure.Front zippered storage pocket features mesh panels.Draw cords for use as over shoulder or backpack style carrying.Contrast zipper, corner panels and cord tunnel.Reinforced eyelets at base.

From $4.56

Metro Sling


This affordable sleek sling has a lightweight body, generous main compartment and handy front mesh pocket. It will quickly become one you can’t leave home without.

From $5.20

Motion Backpack


600D polyester.Double zippered main compartment.Front zippered compartment contains organiser.Front elasticated slip pocket feature metal eyelets.Elasticated top mesh side pockets Air mesh panels on back and shoulders straps.Business card holder on back.

From $18.72

Navara Backpack


Large single compartment backpack manufactured from 600D polyester. It has a padded back with a zippered external pocket, two mesh side pockets and a woven carry handle.

From $11.04

Newport Tote Backpack


Extra-large tote bag that can also be worn as a backpack. The bag is manufactured from 300D polyester with a two-tone heather style finish. Newport features a zippered top closure, a front slip pocket with a domed closure, and a zipper to access the main compartment from the back of the bag. The bag has a gusset for increased storage, adjustable side straps and padded shoulder straps and carry handles that are riveted to the bag for added strength.

From $18.15

Nirvana Backpack


Nirvana is where fashion meets function and this modern, on trend backpack has all the hallmarks of impeccable style and superior quality. It is manufactured from poly-canvas that is woven with different coloured fibres to create a very fashionable heather style two tone fabric. Nirvana has smart leather-look accents and a rectangular profile to accommodate modern larger screen laptops. The bag features the extra protection of a padded fold-over flap which has a unique magnetic closure with adjustable straps. The closure, buckles and rivets are all finished in shiny electroplated gunmetal. The bag has a heavily padded main compartment with a laptop sleeve, a padded outer compartment for a smaller laptop or tablet and padded adjustable straps. Other features include a zippered external pocket on the front, two external side pockets for water bottles and smart electroplated silver zips.

From $28.48

Non-Woven Backpack


Non-Woven Backpack.

From $3.16

Outdoor Backpack


600D polyester, micro ripstop and fine polyester mesh. Double zippered main compartment with padded back. Webbed carry handle. Padded ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''S'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' shaped shoulder straps. Chest and waist strap with side release buckles. Large side mesh pockets with bungee elastic cord and toggle. Single zippered front pocket with reflective loops, bungee and toggle. Price based on 100-249 units.

From $28.86

PET Backpack


51% PET/49% polyester.Front zippered pocket contains an organiser.Elasticated top mesh side pockets.Single zippered main entry.Padded back.Adjustable padded shoulder straps.Webbing top carry handle.

From $23.04

Reflex Backpack


The Reflex is a great companion when going for a day out, the gym or for any team events. It provides great value with the added safety of reflective panelling, front and back.

From $8.32

Safari Backpack


Backpack with padded back and straps. Manufactured from 600D polyester with smart, patterned ripstop nylon accents. Other features include adjustable straps, carry handle, back pocket and two external mesh pockets for water bottles etc.

From $12.75

Scholar Backpack


Affordable backpack which is manufactured from 600D polyester. It has a zippered main closure and adjustable woven shoulder straps with padding. Other features include a large zippered front pocket, a woven carry handle and a mesh drink bottle holder.

From $7.43

Scout Sling


Scout Sling

From $8.98

Serpent Backpack


210D/600D/Textured non-woven.

From $9.12

Sidekick Backpack


Sidekick Backpack

From $14.43

Spectrum Basic Backpack


600D polyester.zippered main compartment.small zippered internal pocket.adjustable harness card holder.

From $16.91

Spectrum Bungee Backpack


600D Polyester.zippered main compartment.small zippered internal pocket.2 mesh side pockets.front mesh pocket.adjustable harness system.reflective feature strip on front pocket.padded card holder.

From $14.32

Spectrum Sling Backpack


600D Polyester with PVC backing.zippered main compartment.small zippered internal compartment.pen holder on back card holder.

From $20.00

Speedster Backpack


The aerodynamic shape of the Speedster will keep your delegates organised. Check out the featured contrasting trim and panels.

From $9.68

Sport Backpack


600D Polyester / Ripstop Nylon.main compartment.front zippered accessories pocket.decorative air mesh panels.compression straps.side water bottle card holder.

From $31.92
Min: $2.00 Max: $89.00
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